Pandora Stoned

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Pandora Stoned

Post by RoEi548 on Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:19 am

hi guys!, read this new comic below:

Those who do not understand the words that are written in the picture, so here's the words:
Pandora: hey mom.
Mom: Why do you look so tired? And why your eyes so red? The way your eyes look I think you smoked bongs.
Naomi: Just.. No matter, I'm going to sleep bye...Naomi: Ouchhh!!!!!
Mom: What happened?
Naomi: I ran into a wall Sad.
Mom: I Knew you were stoned because this stinking bong!!!! >.<.

if you liked this Comic, Please go Here And Write me A comment :

thanks for reading this message!.


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