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Post by Nono on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:12 pm

Nono here again :3 in this thread you'll be able to see all titles available in this forum by the moment.

Special Forum Titles

Administrator: People who post official comics. They've got permission for posting here in the Important Posts section, editing posts, making stickies, banning people, and anything else which is needed for keeping good this forum.
Team Member: They'd be known as "moderators" in normal forums tongue
Wind Waker: Special title for Nono (me).
Midnight Moderator: Special title for AnniChan, as she requested. (We all damn know, that title was [MOD]Bacon's in the real MicroVolts forum...)

Normal Forum Titles

Newbie: Under 100 Posts
Neophyte: 100-200 Posts
Comic-Fan Level 1: 200-299 Posts
Comic-Fan Level 2: 300-399 Posts
Comic-Fan Level 3: 400-499 Posts
Comic-Extreme Fan: 500-999 Posts
Comic Addict: 1000-1999 Posts
Extreme Comic Lover: 2000-4999 Posts
Platinum User: 5000-9999 Posts
Comic-Master: 10000-19999 Posts
Spammer: Over 20000+ Posts

Now that you know our forum titles, let's go for them!
Wind Waker
Wind Waker

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